Intensive Training Programs

  • Summer Internship

    Summer Internship

    Come spend either weeks with us discovering what it means to follow Christ and to find a purpose in serving others! Spend two weeks in Haiti and the other six weeks at our campus in Hubbardston Massachusetts. 

    Dates: June 25-August 19

    Ages: 16 and older

    Special Classes Include
    Evangelism and Disciplship
    The Life of Christ
    Foundations of the Faith
    World Missions
    History of the Church

    "Hands-on" Involvement in the Work of Mission E4
    Overseas Missionary Work
    Weekly Children and Youth Programs
    Music Ministry
    Office and Campus Support

    Daily Praise and Worship Events
    Special Artists
    Local Worship Bands
    Mission E4 Worship Teams

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  • Elite Internship

    Elite Internship

    For single young adults looking to receive an intense year of training and discipleship. Work alongside the staff of Mission E4, while living at our 8-acre, lakeside campus in Hubbardston, MA. Gain practical experience in youth ministry, world missions, leadership, worship ministry, and much more! Be a part of eight Special Training Events during the course of the year, including an Overseas Mission Trip.

    $7,500 includes campus housing and food, overseas mission trip and other special training events and all the costs associated with the 24 classes.

  • Training Classes

    Training Classes

    We offer classes in Bible, Leadership and Life Skills. During each 13 week semester we have 6 classes available, 24 in total during the course of the year. Please call or email us if your interested in taking classes.

    Class Tuition:
    $200 per class subject
    $1,800 for 12 classes
    $3,200 for 24 classes

    The following explains more about the specific classes broken down by semester:



    We will review all that the Bible teaches on Authority from God and the Angels, to Adam; Authority in Government, the Home, the Church, and the Believer’s authority in Christ.

    Foundations of the Faith

    This class will cover most of the basic foundational truths of the Christian faith

    Leadership Development

    Learn how to be an effective leader. We will look at the leadership styles of Jesus, Moses, the Apostles and prominent leaders.

    Marriage and Family

    In this class we will discuss scriptures related to Relationships, Marriage, Divorce, Parenting, and caring for the Family.

    Old Testiment Survey

    A book by book walk through the Old Testament

    World Missions I

    Following the Biblical mandate to “go into all the world,” this class gives a Biblical view and foundation of what God thinks about missions, prayer, and life.


    Communicating the Word

    Learn the skills of Communicating the Word effectively from research and sermon preparation to preaching and teaching.


    Learn to grow in your faith and trust in God as we uncover great treasures from the book of Hebrews as we go through it verse by verse.

    Interpreting Scripture

    We will teach the basic principles of Systematic Theology and Bible Interpretation. We will work on understanding cultural and historical context, original language, and the necessary tension of apparently opposing scriptures.

    Life Skills

    Many practical life lessons from car care to balancing a checkbook and handling tools.

    The Life of Christ

    A thorough look at the Life of Christ from the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and from other historians of the 1st century.

    World Missions II

    A continuation of World Missions I. Includes reaching an unreached people group (UPG) through a Special Training Event.



    What does the Bible teach about sharing “the Gospel”? How do I tell my friends about Jesus? How do I share the message of Christ at work or with a complete stranger?

    Habitudes I

    These classes are full of lessons on leadership principles, helping to develop successful attitudes and life habits.

    History of the Church

    Beginning with the Book of Acts and then moving up to modern day, we will trace the steps of the Christian Church, showing denominational separations and distinctions.

    Ministry Administration

    In this class we will teach many principles of administration from fundraising and managing finances to understanding how to manage your schedule and the overall management of a staff.

    Spiritual Gifts

    Learn what the Bible teaches about Spiritual Gifts and how to walk in them properly in the Church today.

    World View

    What do people believe and why? How does culture shape our views and what does the Bible show as a proper way to view the world around us?



    Learn in this class how to reasonably explain and defend your faith as a Christian. Learn to uncover why we believe what we believe, and how to hold your own in intelligent discussions.


    In this class we will explore the relationships of Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, Jesus and his disciples, and others. We will learn the pattern Jesus taught of how to make disciples.

    Discovering Your Call

    Know how to clearly hear and understand the specific call of God for your life.

    The Epistles

    A study of the letters written by Paul, Peter, James, John, Jude, and the book of Hebrews.

    Habitudes II

    A continuation of Habitudes I from the previous semester

    World Religions

    We will give an overview of most of the religions of the world, along with discussions about cults and the occult.

Intensive Training Programs