Mission E4 desires to strengthen and encourage the local church. We want to see more church members actively involved in the work of the ministry.

• $50 per individual
• Group Rates for Churches as low as $10 per participant

Weekend Workshops Include:

Church Leadership

This workshop is designed for your church leadership team. During this weekend event, we will work with your team on clarifying the vision, mission, and core values of your church body. We will work to provide training in some of the basics of leadership and administration that include the following subjects:
• Recruiting, Training and Managing paid and non-paid staff
• Effective Delegation
• Understanding Legalities and Liabilities
• Working with Different Personality Types and Generations on your team
• Quantifying and clarifying ministry goals
• Stepping out in faith and wisdom in planning


During this one-day workshop, we explore in depth what the Bible teaches and shows us about Discipleship. We will look at the Biblical examples of the discipleship relationships of Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, and Jesus and his disciples. Then, in proper historical context, we more thoroughly cover the “Great Commission”. We will explore the question, “Have we, over time, changed the model of ministry that Jesus gave us?” and “Is it possible to realign ourselves to His plan?”

Establishing Effective Outreach

This workshop is designed to help churches create and implement successful and sustainable community outreach programs. Additionally, this class will help churches to better evaluate and support organizations and individuals receiving mission funding.

The workshop topics include:
• Healthy and Sustainable Poverty Alleviation
• Social Justice and the Gospel
• Modeled after the ministry of Jesus, how do we minister differently to “the Crowd”, “New Believers”, “Mature Believers” and our “Core Leadership Team”
• Understanding how to successfully navigate through generational, economic, and cultural differences.


In this workshop we explore the Biblical mandate for all believers to share Christ with others, while utilizing the unique gifts God has given them.

Topics covered during this one-day course are:
• Understanding the Great Commission
• Grasping the “full Gospel of Christ”
• Effectively communicating the message of the Gospel in different settings
• Leading someone to Christ and into Discipleship
• Living as Salt and Light

Marriage Matrix

This is a one-day interactive workshop designed to target specific areas in a marriage that couples express the most interest in seeing sustained growth occur. The workshop is led by John and Beth Bushnell who are certified Prepare/Enrich marriage counselors. During the workshop couples will have break-out sessions designed to allow them to explore and work on topics such as:
• Love and Respect
• Effective Communication Skills
• Love Languages
• Goal Setting
• Conflict Resolution


Has your church or ministry ever had more vision than funding? Has your group had to make tough decisions to make “cutbacks”, when instead you desire to move forward? During the first part of this one-day workshop, we explore what the Bible has to say about fundraising. Then, the majority of the day is spent on very practical and tangible strategies for gaining and maintaining ongoing funding for your ministry.