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For less than $1.50 a day, you can provide a child with an education, a hot meal 5 days a week, free medical care at our clinic, and more!


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Poverty and Hunger

Prior to its independence, Haiti was known as the Pearl of the Antillise. It was one of the most profitable slave colonies for the country of France in the late 1700s. Haiti is the first black republic, gaining its independence in 1804. After overthrowing their slavemasters, the generals and military leaders put the Haitian people back in economic slavery that has continued to this day. There is no economy to speak of and unemployment rates are more than two times what they were in the US during the great depression. The needs spread from food insecurity to education to a lack of medical care and a sustainable government. 

Over the past 20 years, our team has been committed to bringing about change by investing in schools, orphanages, trade schools, medical centers, sanitation, nutrition, and churches. 

  • 80% are below the poverty line

  • 50% of children have no education

  • Poorest nation in Western Hemisphere

  • 1/3 of children will die before reaching 5 years old

  • 90% of schools are run by non-profits

Why Mission E4?

           Mission E4 is focused on creating Holistic and Sustainable programming that will have a generational impact. We focus on meeting needs at every level: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We believe that by giving kids hope and empowering them to be their best selves we can change the trajectory of their lives. Not only do we want to meet their needs, but we want to empower everyone we work with to become change agents in their own communities. This not only gives them hope but allows them to feel dignified in their need rather than being someone who is only receiving a hand-out. 

           Our team has over 20 years of community development experience working across the globe.  By establishing ourselves in a community it allows us the ability to work with the local people to bring change to their community. We have seen amazing improvement in the areas in which we have been working the longest.

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Mission Trips

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Partner with our workers in creating a lasting impact!

One of the great things about going on a trip with Mission E4 is that the work doesn't stop when you leave. Mission E4 employs over 300 indigenous workers in Haiti who run all of the day to day operations at our schools, orphanages, medical clinics, and everything else. You will have the opportunity to come alongside these amazing people and help them with critical projects that need to be done to continue the work of giving kids hope in Haiti!