Who we are

Mission E4

Giving Kids Hope Since 2005

A passion that begins and ends with God

The Beginning

In 2005 Scott and Tanya Long were driven by faith and determination to make a difference in both Haiti and locally.  The passion Scott had for giving to those in need matched his larger-than-life personality.  In the memory of Scott, we will continue to follow God's path and give kids hope.

Our Mission

To give kids hope through empowering them to be their best selves.

Our Core Values

    • Biblical in Approach
      1. We will not conform to the ways of the world, but instead will be guided by a Biblical Worldview, coming from God’s word.
      2. We will seek to lay aside our presuppositions, traditions, cultures, and denominational positions as we work diligently to understand and apply God’s word with love and with a sound process of interpretation.
    • Courageous in Action
      1. When we know the right action(s) to take, we will not hesitate to act, regarding cost or personal consequences as secondary issues.
      2. We refuse to be immobilized by complacency, fear, or bureaucracy
    • Faithfull in Commitments
      1. We will let our “Yes” be “Yes” and our “No” be “No”.
      2. Regardless of the time and effort, it takes we will fulfill the goals and intentions of our commitments.
    • Honorable in Relationships
      1. The following few verses guide us in this Core Value
        1. “It is to a man’s honor to overlook an offense.”
        2. “Love covers over a multitude of offenses.”
      2. We avoid gossip and strife.
    • Prayerful in Decisions
      1. We attempt to always remain in a “prayerful state” sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and guiding.
      2. We make decisions based on our best discernment of God’s will as we continue to seek to understand His character, His nature, and His word.
    • Proficient in Leadership
      1. Organizationally and individually we strive to continue to learn and employ good leadership skills.
      2. We work to become effective communicators, critical thinkers, and forward-thinking visionaries.
    • Selfless in Lifestyle
      1. Each and every day, we strive to put others before ourselves.
      2. Our mission and those we seek to help will always take priority over our own personal comforts.
    • United in Purpose
      1. Our unity as a Christian ministry/community is always focused around our mission, and not simply an end unto itself.
      2. We seek to model to the rest of the body of Christ, that “Unity in Purpose” is possible cross-denominationally, cross-culturally, and cross-generationally.
Taran Long


"I am so greatful to all our supporters and partners. You are the ones who enable us to give kids hope! We are so blessed by your continued encouragement, prayers, and commitment to give."