Big 4 for E4

2022 Capital Projects

Each year we attempt to look into the upcoming year and determine what our largest capital projects will be. We have spent time with our staff both stateside and overseas and determined what are the next Big 4 projects are.  Our goal for 2022 is to complete phase one in each of the following areas. However, we wanted to give folks an idea of what will come after completing these parts of the projects.  Should we raise more money, we could move future projects forward more significantly. 


speaking and open house events

  • November 14

    North Holland Church @ 10:45 (S)

  • November 20

    Lunch at Peace Reformed Church @ 12-2pm (S)

  • November 21

    Gibbsville church @ 10:15 (S)

  • November 21

    Holiday Express Inn in Sheboygan @2-4pm (OH)


Big 4 for E4 Events

  • December 4

    Hubbardston Mission E4 Campus @ Noon-2pm (Lunch)

    Hubbardston Mission E4 Campus @ 5pm-7pm (Dinner)

For more information or ways to register please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.