Agricultural Projects

In 2021 we have witnessed more than a 60% increase in the cost of food in Haiti.  Part of this is due to inflation and the fact that the Haitian Dollar has diminished substantially.  The other reason for the increased food cost is supply.  It is becoming more difficult to get food in the country as so much of it is imported from foreign entities. We have realized that by investing in our own agricultural programs, not only will it help save us money year after year, but it will create more jobs and help create food security for our school children that we feed daily.  Initially, we will start these programs on properties already owned by Mission E4 and will need to acquire larger properties prior to moving into 'Phase 2."

Vegetable Farms

Phase One Cost: $40,000

Using land that we already have, we will teach our students how to plant and grow vegetables that will go into our school food. We will hire local farmers to work with our school children and teach them about various means of growing food. We will have to make an initial investment to fence the fields, purchase tools, and set up the gardens.

Rice Farm

Phase Two Cost: $250,000

We are watching for a 3-4 acre property to purchase that will be sufficient for us to turn into rice fields. We will also have to invest in the initial equipment and fencing. This will be an adequate size for us to start an incubator program and should allow us to initially grow about 25% of the rice that will be needed for our schools

Chicken Farm

Phase Three Cost: $45,000

Our plan is to start with 100 chickens, which would be used as a layer. We would install an incubation house for hatching chicks from there. The chickens would provide both eggs and meat for our students.