School Improvements

Finish Lafferonnay School Building

Phase One Cost $30,000

We now have over 800 students in our centralized high school located in Leogane, Haiti. We need to make some improvements to the space as well as add some new components in order to increase what we are able to offer.

High School Property Modifications

Phase Two Cost: $50,000

Just as we did in Fauche, Haiti in 2021, we need to install a new, more solid-rolling entry grate. We also need to make improvements to the school offices, which will allow for our director and staff to better manage the files for all of the student's records. Lastly, we need to make some building improvements to expand the number of students that we can hold in the building.

Trade School

Phase Three Cost: $75,000

This last phase of expansion would include a computer lab and specific “shops” for teaching students about trades such as carpentry, agriculture, and more. This would also have a space for a Mission E4 bible school to be offering training for pastors and church leaders.

High School Transportation

Phase Three Cost: $100,000

Mission E4 would like to expand our Haiti fleet to include two buses for the high school. This would allow us to provide regular transportation for the more remote populations to come to the centralized high school. Adding these two buses would enable us to provide transportation to three of our most remote villages.