Economic Development

Trash Infrastructure

Phase One Cost: $25,000

This would allow us to purchase the generator and fuel tank which will feed the incinerator. We will also have some initial setup of the sorting stations and fencing that will need to be installed around the landfill and processing areas.

Expanded Water Distribution Hub

Phase Two Cost: $15,000

This center would not only allow us to provide clean water more easily to the local village around us but would also allow us to sell water to other local vendors and businesses who need to have the level of filtered water that we can provide.

Christella's Market

Phase Three Cost: $50,000

Christella’s Restaurant was hit very hard by COVID. The biggest factor is that Mission E4 and other organizations have not felt safe bringing teams to Haiti. The restaurant has been very geared towards serving foreign clients who are visiting Haiti. We plan to keep Christella’s Restaurant functioning, but also plan to turn a part of the space into a market. Through many of the channels and relationships we built as a restaurant, we would have access to food supplies that other local residents don’t. We plan to be able to be a local vendor to sell these hard to get items in our area. We will need an initial investment to install air-conditioning and refrigeration. We will also have to purchase shelving and places to stock supplies.