Utility and Infrastructure Upgrades

Electrical Upgrades to High school and Church Campus

Phase One Cost: $25,000

The biggest cost to this phase is installing telephone poles between our Main Campus and the high school campus. This would allow us to put both the high school and church on the current electrical system. It would also allow us to run the internet to our high school and church. After that, we will need to finish installing lights, fans, and outlets in each classroom.

Fauche Generator and Electric

Phase Two Cost: $20,000

This will allow us to purchase a generator and install the electrical for the parsonage, church, and school at this location.

Fauche Water Filtration System

Phase Three Cost: $40,000

This system would mirror what was installed at the main campus in Leogane, Haiti. This system would include a means of filtering the water on the current well that we have in this community. This would not only allow us the ability to provide clean water for our programs but be able to create a distribution hub with which to provide clean/filtered water to the surrounding community.

Solar and Battery Back-up for Cassange Campus

Phase Four Cost: $50,000

As we work to make things more sustainable, we would like to make better use of a varied electrical infrastructure that would feed our main campus. This would not only allow us to save money in gas to run generators but would also provide a backup power supply for the times that gas is unavailable.