An Impoverished Nation

The poorest nation in the western hemisphere

Prior to 2010, 70% of the nation was living below the poverty line. Haiti has a history of gang violence, corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking, and voodoo.  Haiti's economy is ranked 155th in the world, making it the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Due to a lack of sanitation and infrastructure, the Haitian people are at an increased risk of disease. 

Haiti Facts

The earthquake

250,000 people were killed

The Haitian people were already subject to turmoil prior to 2010 due to civil unrest, crime, poverty, and an unstable economy.  January 12, 2010, created a new set of obstacles for the nation.  The epicenter of the 7.0 earthquake took place in Leogane, where Mission E4's headquarters is located. Not only did 250,000 people perish, but another 300,000 were injured. As a result of this devastating natural disaster, 1.5 million Haitians were displaced and almost 4000 schools were destroyed. Mission E4 stayed and continued to pray and work with the people of Haiti in an attempt to heal and rebuild.

  • We provided food, water, and sanitation for over 1100 Haitians

  • Four of our properties became relocation camps for those without shelter

  • We rebuilt over 100 houses

  • We helped to provide emergency medical care to those needing it most

  • We raised over $250,000 in the first four months following the disaster

What your donation can do

We pride ourselves on transparency and giving power to our sponsors. You can assign a designation to your donation and your money will be applied to help the way you want it to. 

In Haiti

  • Building Maintenence 

  • Purchasing land to build more schools

  • Medical care

  • Clean water and sanitation

  • Trade schools and education