Sponsor a Child 

Mission E4 has over 750 children in need of sponsorship. Please click on one of the photos of a child below to learn more about them!


Can I send a letter to my child?


Anytime you wish to send your child a letter, you may do so by emailing it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our offices at Mission E4 Child Services 39 Burnshirt Rd. Hubbardston, MA 01452.  We now have the ability to share letters between our Haiti and US offices. Our staff with translate your letter and ensure that your child receives it. They will also work to help your child write back to you as well!

Although we are not limiting the number of times you write to your child during the year, we ask that if you wish to send money, you would limit this to a maximum of $20 per letter and no more than $100 in a year. Even these amounts are quite substantial in a country like Haiti, with an average per capita income of $350 annually. Sending even $20 once in the year would be equivalent to someone sending your child in the USA a gift that equals 5% of your annual income. One hundred dollars in gifts are equal to the monthly pay of a professional carpenter or mason in the country of Haiti. 


Please help us to create a healthier gift-giving platform by channeling your extra gift-giving for your sponsored child into our “School Building Improvement” Fund, and by keeping any financial gifts to your children within the parameters we have outlined. Thank you for helping us to make our programs healthier for every child, with each passing year.

Can I visit my child when I come to Haiti?


This is one of our favorite parts of the mission trip experience. We will coordinate a time for you to meet your child when you come on a trip with Mission E4. 

Can I bring a gift with me when I come to Haiti?

Although we have moved away from allowing sponsors to send gifts to their children, we allow you to bring a small bag or backpack with gifts if you are personally coming to Haiti. You can give this gift to your child when you meet with them during the team week. We ask that you do not bring any candy, as dental care in Haiti is extremely limited.