Crisis Response 

Help those affected by COVID-19

COVID-19 Crisis Response

When a global pandemic meets a vulnerable population, this creates a major crisis. Mission E4 programs are always highly focused on assisting the most vulnerable people groups in communities we serve locally and internationally. Although, we have moved into a necessary “Crisis Response” mode, we never take our eyes off the work of long-term development. Our team of leaders have had “boots on the ground” through the Kosovo Crisis (1998-1999), the 7.0 Earthquake in Haiti (2010), Hurricane Matthew (2016), and the Syrian Refugee Crisis (2016-current). 


As with these other crises, we have quickly refocused our current efforts on the basic human needs of food, shelter, and medical care. We continue to maintain our payroll for more than 300 indigenous workers, so that we will not take a step backwards in the long-term, sustainable “Work of Development” (through business and employment). As we tackle systemic issues, during this crisis, we are focused on permanent fixes (i.e. expansion of clinic services, handwashing stations at schools, improved food preparation areas, and online service capacity).

Consider Sponsoring a Child Today!

Now more than ever we need to get the remaining unsponsored children matched with people in the US to support them. 

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