Kids and Youth Enrichment Program
Worcester Center For Community Development
  • Worcester Center for Community development cafe
  • Worcester center for community development stair tower
  • Worcester Center for Community development rec center with pool table
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Our Worcester center has all the conveniences of the city while providing participants with the relaxation of a rural getaway. Our trained drivers have a fleet of vehicles available to both pick-up and drop-off participants.  When you arrive you can travel up to our tree-house style stair tower where you are transported to the upper level that has a large fenced-in yard. The three buildings on our property house our rec center which is fully equipped with video games and a pool table.   Our learning lab provides a quiet place for homework help and art class. Our main building is where our cafe is located.  Reminiscent of a high-end coffee house, participants are able to grab a meal and hang out with their peers and our trained staff to help build those essential relationships. We are developing a basketball and volleyball court coming in late 2021!

Empowering our Youth

Our center for community development in Worcester, MA, focuses on those within the city and central Massachusetts that can benefit from emotional, mental, and spiritual encouragement.  Many parts of Worcester are economically depressed, and that means many children struggle. We aim to be the preventative resource that helps manage dilemmas of difficult home environments, food insecurities, and a lack of positive influences. 

We aim to help children make a difference within their own communities. One of our focuses is on youth leadership.  We strive to create an environment that is conducive to learning and growing.  We are witness to just how powerful our programs are in making a positive impact on our youth. 

  • One of the issues that our youth leaders proposed a solution to was "How will those without access to food outside of school, eat when all the schools are closed?" Our amazing Student Youth Leaders developed a program to deliver meals to youth and kids in our communities that so desperately needed them during lock-down. Over 10,000 meals were hand-delivered to those that needed it most. 

Kids playing soccer ball

Youth Enrichment Programs

Diverse children with arms around eachother

Drop-In Time

These are open hours providing a safe, nurturing environment for children and youth to be where they can find respite from the stress and pressures of life at home and engage with dependable, healthy adults. We provide academic support and access to computers during this time for students as well as recreational therapeutic activities such as games and arts/crafts. Nutritious snacks are also available during this time.

youth putting hands on bible

Kids & Youth Group

Occurring in the evenings, these programs focuses on faith and character development. It is structured in 20-minute block rotations and includes components such as object learning lessons, music, and an applied craft. Dinner is also provided for the participants. Since the inception of COVID-19, we have created an online platform for children and youth to participate in this program in an interactive format on a weekly basis. Our youth leaders are an integral part of the online experience each week participating in creating, acting in, and producing the program.

cork board with "Leadership" pinned on it

Leadership Development

Developing leaders among our youth is a core value at Mission E4. One way that we implement this into our programming is our Student Leadership Development Program. Our approach to this tenant is student-led and adult-guided and includes weekly one-on-one mentorship. It is designed to teach youth how they can work collaboratively to better their environments communities. As they grow in their leadership skills and abilities, they are given appropriately increased responsibilities in our youth programs, giving them a platform to use the skills they are learning.


Recreation and Arts

Taekwondo, Art, Music, and Theater

girl at Taekwondo

Mission E4 partnered with a local Taekwondo school to bring in expansive knowledge and expertise in martial arts.  Maillet's Martial Arts is an exclusive program of Mission E4. Taekwondo is an Olympic sport and focuses on strengthening the student physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Taekwondo is accessible for all ages and fitness levels.

teaching guitar

"Creativity is the key to success" a quote from Abdul Kalam, which aligns with Mission E4's goal of instilling the skills necessary for success in our youth. Our music class is led by our qualified music team, who will encourage our participants to learn music through theory, music notation, history, and instruction on a multitude of instruments.

Girl painting

According to extensive research arts and crafts at a young age are associated with positive social and emotional behaviors as the child develops. That's why in our art class we will develop, hone, and explore our participant's creativity.  Activities will include painting sketching, crafts, and open art time where the participant can decide which project they would like to work on. 

Theater, scrooge and the three pigs

Our Theater group combines the joys of music, drama, set design, lighting, and video production all into one.  We encourage all ages 5 and up to try out for our next production.  Check back for updates on auditions.

Program Schedule


Hangout Time 3-5


Hangout Time 3-5


Hangout Time 3-5


Hangout Time 3-5

What your donation can do

We pride ourselves on transparency and giving power to our sponsors. You can assign a designation to your donation and your money will be applied to help the way you want it to.

At Home

    • Keep our youth programs free to those who can't afford it

    • Buy supplies for art, theater, and taekwondo classes

    • Provide hot meals for program participants

    • Expand our reach to opportunity youth

    • Provide free transportation to and from programs