Haiti- A Country in Crisis

Many of you know about the extreme poverty that exists in Haiti. Being the poorest country in the western hemisphere sets these people up for failure daily. However, Haiti has entered a new level of crisis in the past year, the severity of which has only increased in the past few months.


Three of the biggest issues facing Haiti right now are:

  • Many organizations have decided to cease working in Haiti over the past two years. In addition, there are very few short-term teams able to go to Haiti right now. This is having an enormous economic effect on the country.
  • The cost of everything has increase by about 15-20% due to the inability to get construction materials, gas, and food. At the end of June, we were hearing from the ground that it is becoming difficult for some of our communities to even have access to clean water.
  • COVID-19 cases are spiking. We are hearing of positive cases and symptomatic individuals in our areas.


Exciting Updates from the Ground Include:

  • Mission E4 is installing a very high-tech water filtration system on our main campus, thanks to a grant we received from Rotary Club International. The unit has been shipped to Haiti and should arrive soon. We are working to build a distribution house at the campus to allow people in the village to come and receive clean water each day.
  • We are working to expand our medical clinic! Through a new partnership we will be able to not only have nurses at our clinic, but also doctors, dentists, and the possibility of setting up a lab for doing testing rather than having to refer people elsewhere. In the month of June, we made great headway on the new dental clinic building. We anticipate being able to offer these new services by the end of July.
  • We continue to expand the number of schools in Mission E4’s programs. This allows us to serve more children and communities. We will continue to provide food and medical care to our students through the summer months. Our construction crews are hard at work getting the new school locations ready for the start of a new school year in September.


To continue responding to the new issues arising and to complete these much-needed projects, we are looking to raise $100,000 in the months of July

Written by T. Long July 1, 2021